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Graphs Graphs
eCNB presents clear and accurate graphs of temperature, humidity, dew point and IPI's Preservation Metrics®

Graphs Analysis
eCNB provides unique and powerful data analysis features based on decades of preservation research

Graphs Information
Professional levels include a database to help you document, organize, and search information associated with each monitored location

Graphs Storage Planning
eCNB includes sophisticated management tools to help you provide the best collection stewardship possible

Graphs Note Manager
Improve communication about and documentation of activities that affect the storage environment

Graphs Data Manager
Easily upload, name, organize, and export data from a wide range of data sources

Graphs Reports
Automated reports designed to save time and improve communication

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eClimateNotebook® is a web-product created by the Image Permanence Institute, Image Permanence Institute, an academic research center devoted to research that informs the preservation of cultural heritage collections. The Image Permanence Institute is a department of the College of Art and Design at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT).
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